Get Inspired | autumnal breezes

Get Inspired | autumnal breezes

       Get ready for a journey into another world of wild romance and mysterious whimsy!

From the event planner: Let yourselves be led by these autumnal breezes and follow the delicate feather trail to this hidden castle. This wild styled shoot invites us to witness this forgotten love tale between a Portuguese princess and her adventurous love.

As time passed by in his wide trips, they communicated only through these poetic love letters, caressed by the autumnal winds and brought from all the corners of the world by the most marvelous and exotic birds. Birds with earthy tones like the ones in her favorite fruits, copper like the cutlery at her table, white like the flowing silk dress caressing her skin, black like the candles in her room, and pastel like the pastures by her garden.

For each of the received letters, this princess plucked a feather of the messenger bird, dreaming that in her marriage day she could spread their love story in each corner of her castle, so they could welcome him back home. Home to her.


An special thanks to My Fancy Wedding for invited us to this exquisite androgel gains – causes and treatments for pain in middle of back styled shoot.


Photography – Hugo Coelho Fotografia
Event Planning and Invitations – My Fancy Wedding
Floral Design – Flor de Laranjeira
Cake – Migalha Doce
Makeup Artista and Hair Styling – Carla d’Oliveira
Wedding Dress – Laure de Sagazan
Cake Topper and Wool Art – Woolland

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